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At Driediger Farms we are never too busy to connect with our Guests, Clients and Vendors.

With over 75,000 guests to our farm every year we get a lot of questions, and we are happy to answer them all.

Some of the most frequently asked questions  are about our sprays and farming practices, we have compiled a short information page to inform our customers about our farm, simply click the links to find out more. Additional information about our sprays and farming can be found by obtaining and information brochure at the market or by contacting us through this page, please note that market staff do not have additional information about our farming and sprays.

If we have not answered your questions on our website please contact the market for assistance.

If you are inquiring about…

Donations, Fundraising, Employment or the Driediger Farms Market please contact Jennifer in the Marketing department.

 23823 72 Avenue, Langley BC

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