Fresh and Juicy Berries - We Love Berry Season

U-Pick Berry Information

Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry upick fields are open during the berry season when not being commercially picked. Our fields give our guests the ability to pick their own fruit while enjoying the outdoors in a clean supervised environment.

Picking your own berries is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, bond with friends & family or even relax.

As a commercial farm our fields are only open to the public while not being commercially picked.We do not have dedicated upick fields and upick areas are moved constantly so that our guests are able to pick from a good supply of berries. You are required to check in with the upick booth every time you visit the farm to ensure that you are picking in open areas. Guests to the farm are not permitted in areas that are undergoing maintenance, commercial picking or not designated upick areas.

Driediger Farms offers upick schedules for general admission entry, and pre-booked groups.

When you are planning a upick day you are always best to check our Facebook page for the latest availability, and open hours.Our fields may be closed for a variety of reasons at any time.

Driediger Farms is proudly certified as a Canada Gap Approved farm and as such we must adhere to guidelines inclusive of our upick fields. Please read our upick requirements prior to planning your day on the farm.

Driediger Farms Upick Requirements 

Containers – 

In order to comply with Canada Gap regulations all guest are required to use a Driediger Farms bucket no other containers are permitted in upick fields.

Driediger Farms buckets are available for purchase at our upick booth for the cost of $4.00 each, this fee is a upick admission fee and must be paid by everyone entering the fields. This is a one time fee and does not apply when you come back with your previously purchased Driediger Farms bucket.

Animals –

In order to comply with Canada Gap regulations and Food Safe regulations no animals are permitted on the farm with the exception of certified service dogs.

When you are planning your trip to the farm please leave your pets at home and never leave your pets in your car.

Bringing the Family-

We welcome families of all ages to Driediger Farms and our upick fields. All children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times while on the farm, inclusive of upick fields.

Our farm has limited availability for the disabled as our grounds are a combination of gravel and grass. Upick field are not wheelchair or stroller accessible.

Hygiene Requirements –

Hand washing stations are provided for at the market and all guest are required to wash their hands prior to entering the upick fields.

Other things to remember –

Remember it’s often several degrees warmer out here in the valley, especially when you are in a sunny, open field. We recommend your bring sun block, sun hats, and drinking water.

We are a no smoking farm we do not permit smoking in; our fields, at our market, in the picnic area or in our parking lots.

All upick guests must check into the upick booth prior to entering the fields. Upick guests will be assigned a upick area upon check in and given further upick instructions.

Driediger Farms is private property and all guest are required to follow the instructions of Driediger Farms staff at all times.

Remember to take berries home immediately and refrigerate. Berries left in a warm vehicle will start to decay immediately. Local berries have a short shelf life ­ especially if not refrigerated.