Girl holding fresh strawberries in a strawberry field

Berry Availability & Prices for Fresh and Frozen Berries


Driediger Farms offers fresh Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Red Currants throughout the BC berry season.

The fresh berry season runs from May until September but is heavily dependent on weather conditions.

Producing a perfect berry is no easy task and with over 160 acres of fruit to manage. We are always adapting our farming skills to ensure that we are able to provide exceptional fresh and frozen berries to our consumers.

In order to provide the best berries possible and have berries for every taste we grow a variety of berries on our farm.


Strawberries are available at two points through the summer season. The initial strawberry crop runs from May until June and harvest will include Albion strawberries, Puget Reliance strawberries, Chandler strawberries, Stella strawberries and San Andreas strawberries.  The second crop or late season crop will run from August until September and harvest will include only the Albion (Ever-bearing strawberries).

Albion strawberries are firm berries with a high sugar content that makes them a perfect dessert strawberry.

Puget reliance strawberries are softer juicy berries that are considered the BC favorite.

Chandler strawberries are a brilliant red color, glossy, and have exceptional flavor .Chandler strawberries are good for eating fresh and very good for freezing.

San Andreas strawberries are exceptional in appearance the fruit color is a deep red, the flavor of San Andreas is outstanding, very similar to that of Albion.

Stella strawberries are large fruit, dark red inside and out, the fruit is very sweet, aromatic, and firm but not crunchy.

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Raspberries are available in the early part of the summer berry season.A typical raspberry season runs for approximately 3 weeks in June. Our Raspberry crop will include Chemainus raspberries, Wakefield raspberries and Cascade Delight raspberries.

Chemainus raspberries are attractive, large, dark, glossy and firm berries that offer a sweet flavour.

Cascade delight raspberries offer fruit that is attractive, firm, glossy with many drupelets and has a well-balanced, traditional raspberry flavour.

Wakefield raspberries are a proprietary variety only available to growers under license agreement. Wakefield raspberries are a firm berry that offers a deep aromatic flavour.

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Blueberries are available towards the end of the berry season, the blueberry crop runs from July until September. Our blueberry crop will include Earliblue blueberries, Duke blueberries, Blue Crop blueberries, Nelson blueberries and Reka blueberries.

Earliblue blueberries are the earliest ripening blueberries, they are large in size and a delicious, sweet berries.

Duke blueberries are  medium to large in size, light blue in colour, and offer a fresh slightly tart taste with a hint of apple. This blueberry variety is often the first variety to ripen.

Reka blueberries ripen during the same season as  Duke, but the berries have better flavor the fruit is an attractive dark-blue color.

Blue Crop blueberries are a small firm berry  that are the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Nelson blueberries are a  late-season blueberry variety that produce medium-blue, large sized, firm berries with an excellent fruit flavor excellent.

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Blackberries are available during the middle of the berry season and the crop runs in July. Our blackberry harvest includes Loch Ness blackberries.

Loch Ness blackberries are large firm fruit firm, glossy black in colour, has an excellent flavor when ripe and excellent storage capabilities.

Fresh Berry Price Information

Berry prices are based on availability, quality and market conditions. Prices in our market are set daily and are subject to change at any time, prices quoted on our website, social media pages and other media are subject to change without notice. All fruit and produce is final sale.

We do not offer pre-order service, holds, phone orders or special request orders.

Upick Berry Price Information

Upick fields are provided for the enjoyment of our guest. Upick fields require a large amount of repair, maintenance and staffing, as such our upick prices per pound are often higher that our pre-picked berry prices . Check the market for pricing prior to entering the upick fields.

Frozen Berry Price Information

Frozen berries are available at the market during the berry season and through the office only outside of the market’s open season.  Frozen berry orders can be place by contacting the office through our website.

Strawberries (washed and hulled)

600g bag            $9.00

2kg bag              $19.00

25lb case            *** Currently out of stock


600g bag            $5.00

2kg bag              $15.00

20lb case            *** Currently out of stock


600g bag            $3.00

2kg bag             $11.00

30lb case           $52.50


600g bag          *** Currently out of stock

2kg bag             *** Currently out of stock

25lb case           *** Currently out of stock