Meet Rhonda Driediger

We have been farming in Langley since the early 1960’s, when my parents, George and June Driediger, moved to BC from Saskatchewan to run my grandparents 10 acre strawberry farm on 56th Avenue. They eventually bought then sold that farm, as well as several other acreages in the North Otter district, finally settling in to farm the three parcels that we are on today. The farm has seen many changes over the years and has increased from that original small acreage to the current 160 acre operation.

Driediger Farms Ltd. is a wholesale and retail producer and distributor of fresh and frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants and rhubarb . We also pack and ship blueberries throughout North America and we export to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe, depending on the market.

Driediger Farms has a strong commitment to producing quality products in a sustainable manner, being involved in the local and agricultural community and being a good employer. Throughout our history of renovations, expansions and advancements, we have not lost sight of our most valuable asset – the people who make it all work day to day.

Rhonda Driediger