The market is now closed for the 2018 season. Thank you to all of our customers for a great summer and see you in 2019!


Our staff at the fruit stand handle 75,000 visitors during the eight-week season and answer questions ranging from “how many strawberries to a pound?” to “why is the inside of a blueberry green but when you cook it, it turns blue?” We try to answer all questions our customers have, no matter how obscure. We believe service and quality are the main reasons people return to Driediger Farms Market year after year not to mention our fantastic berries!

We no longer produce Black Currants but you can purchase them from Bissett Farms in Delta

Please note that the berry availability is dependent on our market being open for the season and that we are unable to offer pre-order service, holds or phone orders. Please call the market for pricing.




Are here June then again near the end of July



Available end of June through to the end of July



Are here early July through the end of August



Available late July through the end of August

Red current

Red Currants

Are available late June to late July


Cherries & Okanagan Fruit

Are available late June through the end of August

U-Pick Prices

U-pick Berry Price Information

U-pick prices range from $2.50 per pound. Please call ahead to confirm pricing and availability.

Tour Bus Groups are always welcome!  Please call our office at 604-888-1685 at least 1 day in advance so we can ensure we have enough staff on hand to assist you with your group.

We are pleased to accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard for payment

Frozen Berry Price Information

Frozen berries are available at the market during the berry season and through the head office outside of the market’s open season.

Strawberries (washed and hulled)

600g bag            $4.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

2kg bag              $13.00

25lb case            $62.50


600g bag            $5.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

2kg bag              $15.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

20lb case            $60.00


600g bag          3.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

2kg bag             $11.00

30lb case           $52.50


600g bag         $5.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

2kg bag             $15.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

25lb case           $75.00 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

Please note that the following prices are a consumer price.

For wholesale orders, please contact bestberries@driedigerfarms.com

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